What is it?

The Skin is the largest organ of elimination and through perspiration your sweat glands can remove up to 75% of the toxins in the body. For centuries various cultures have used body wraps as heat therapies to open pores to increase perspiration as a powerful impetus to detoxify the body.

The ISIS inch loss body wrap uses clay known for centuries for its healing and therapeutic qualities. The clay absorbs toxins, stimulates blood flow, cleanses and exfoliates leaving the skin tighter and smoother and providing outstanding inch loss.

How Does it Work?

Special elasticated bandages are soaked in the clay solution and then wrapped around the target areas i.e., tummy, thighs, hips, bottom, upper arms etc to shape, lift and contour the soft tissue. At the same time the clay flushes the body of toxins stored between the fat cells allowing them to compress leaving the body firmer and smoother.

We build up toxins in the body over many years from pollution and lifestyle and they include such things as nicotine, alcohol, caffeine etc. The wrap acts like a giant poultice drawing out the toxins through the skin and soaking them up in the bandages. More toxins are eliminated by drinking plenty of water and flushing them out.